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  • Ancestral Work Mini Mentorship

    Tis the season to discover and work with your ancestors!

  • Mentorship Deluxe Package

    3 Months/12 Sessions To Build A Life Of Connection & Purpose!

  • Mentorship Monthly Package

    1 Month/4 Sessions To Build A Spiritual Practice That Suits YOU!

  • Ancestral Wisdom Ritual Session

    Receive Guiding Messages From Your Ancestors!

  • Fear Caller Ritual Session

    Break Down Blockages, Face Your Fears, And Create A Custom Plan!

  • Spiritual Consultation

    Not Sure What To Pick? Try This Spiritual Consult!

  • Home & Hearth Cleansing

    An In-Person Home Cleansing & Blessing

  • Body Scan & Clearing

    Ground, Nourish, & Recenter With This Intuitive Healing Session!

  • Tarot & Oracle Reading

    A 12 Card Tarot & Oracle Reading. You Get To Pick The Topic/Question!

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