About Cris Ashburn


  • Ordained Minister since 2011
    Ordained via the Universal Life Church

  • Certified Death Midwife since 2016
    Get more information on Death Midwifery.
    Certified via The Death Midwife.


  • Spiritual Life Coach since 2011
    Studied at Coach Training Alliance

  • Ancestral Priestess since 2014
    Priestessing done by C.K. Ashburn
    C.K. Ashburn is the founder of Rhythyms of the Heart

  • Tarot Reader since 1998
    Learned Tarot and Oracle at the age of 14.
    Professionally reading since 2006. 


  • Practicing Hereditary Pagan for well over 20 years
    Raised in a multi-religious household by a Pagan mother and Southern Baptist father. Started training young, under the guidance of family and the Spirit World. Took part in many ceremonies, both family-based and public, over the years. 

  • Psychic Medium & Ancestral Worker for well over 20 years
    Worked with the Spirit World via Dream Work, Claircognizance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, and Channeling since childhood.

  • Energy Worker for over 20 years
    Attended various workshops and courses on healing modalities as a teen.
    IE: Donna Eden's Energy Medicine, Reiki II, & Quantum Touch.


  • Co-Founder of the Sisters of the Sacred Rites
    A sisterhood who provided ceremony for other women.
    IE: Naming & Dedication, Puberty, Croning, Land Blessings, 
    House Blessings, and Commitment Ceremonies.
    More Information can be found here: Sister of the Sacred Rites.


  • Studied under a British Hereditary Traditional coven in 2013
    Completed a year and a day under an Ohio-based B.H.T. coven.

  • Additional Extensive Experience in the following areas:
    Dream Interpretation, Empathic Abilities, Shamanic Journeying, Space Clearings, Meditation, Spiritual Pathworking, & Aromatherapy.

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