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Even though it looks like it's going to, signing up to be a 'Site Member' will not charge you. You must first be approved as a Site Member (you'll get an email notifying you), then you'll be able to log in and purchase the Yearly Membership below which will automatically apply your 50% discount to all online rituals, parties, classes, and paid live events at checkout!


Tier Six Mentees:
Become a Site Member and I will add you to the appropriate group. I will be contacting you via email soon with details on how to book your sessions.

Patrons Who've Paid Yearly:
Become a Site Member, but do not purchase the Yearly Membership yet. Since you've already paid for access, I will be contacting you with your own coupon code that accounts for all the events you would've had access to via Patreon. I will be emailing you soon with details.


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