Ancestral Work 101: Online Ecourse

Ancestral Work 101: Online Ecourse


If you've been wanting to work with your ancestors but are unsure where to start...
I've built this course for you.

- Anyone who longs for a sense of home and belonging.
- Anyone who wishes that they knew/could see their relatives again.
- Anyone wanting to work with their ancestral spiritual posse within their spiritual practice, but are wondering where to how to start.

This electronic course outlines the who, why, where, when, and how of getting into ancestral work. We discuss altars, practice, and protection. There are magickal projects and even an offering recipe from my family. The Ancestral Work 101 e-course will cover everything from meeting your ancestors, to building an altar, to working with them daily. It discusses why we may want to work with them and what sort of things there are to be gained from such a practice.The course comes as a link and secret password to the Ancestral Work 101 section of this website, where you will gain exclusive access to everything listed below.

- A Custom-Created Written Meditation
- An Audio/Visual Version of the Course Meditation
- An Ancestral Incense Formula
- A Scrying Orb Project
- A Spirit Orb Project
- My Family's Offering Recipe

Please note that this course is done via this website, and is not a PDF. You will be sent a downloadable file containing the link and password to an exclusive section of this website. Please use them to access and work through the course. 


    There will be a file that you download on purchase.
    Please open the file!

    This file will contain a link to the 'Ancestral Work 101' section of this website, as well as the very important password information. 

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