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My name is Charlie and I’ve been a practicing witch since childhood. Witches can be found on both sides of my family, throughout my parents, grandparents, aunts, and siblings.

I consider myself a practitioner of multiple religions. I’m Japanese on my dad’s side and I practice the two religions of my ancestors there and I’m Jewish on my mom’s side, so connecting with my roots there is important.

My home is made in a small city along the shores of Lake Michigan in Wisconsin. It’s protected deeply by ancestral spirits, land and elemental spirits, and guardian spirits. It is through my home and land that I deeply connect with my ancestors and the world around me. I live here with my partner Nathan and our daughter Nozomi and our animal companions (Jonathan, Maja, Olive, Lily, Theo, Michel, Rosalie). You’ll probably hear me talk about all of them at some point. :)

My hobbies include writing, gaming, gardening, archery, weightlifting, and reading. Caring for my body, mind, and spirit is important to me.

I look forward to meeting you!