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Pagan crafters, energy healers, tarot readers, writers, speakers, seers, and other sacred Keepers can be found on this page. If you're looking for more information, food for thought, services, or supplies; pay a visit to the beautiful people below.

Counsellor. Cardslinger. Wordsmith. Witch. Kelly-Ann Maddox creates and shares videos, audio recordings and occasional scribblings and e-gifts. She offers counselling and mentoring sessions, Tarot and Oracle readings, exclusive video collections and audio workshops via her online store.

Kelly-Ann's work is for cycle-breakers, non-conformists, spiritual rebels and free-wheeling witchy types. It’s for people who would describe their outlook as ‘psycho-spiritual’. It’s for people who are interested in the place where metaphysical meets real world, but without the rules and the hierarchy and the dogma. It’s for people who are into archetypes and symbols. It’s for people who like to think and dream and create and get lost for a while but who also want to see actual results from whatever woo woo techniques they implement. Her work honours those who may not have picture-perfect lives and might not be exactly where they want to be but who are convinced that there is magick in even the most seemingly mundane of moments, and they are committed to communing with it.

Caitlin Doughty is a mortician, activist, and funeral industry rabble-rouser. In 2011 she founded the death acceptance collective The Order of the Good Death, which has spawned the death positive movement. Her first book, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, was a New York Times best-seller. She lives in Los Angeles, where she runs her nonprofit funeral home, Undertaking LA. 

Nicole Canfield, the Otherworldly Oracle, has been studying the paranormal for two decades and writing about it for seven years. Her main topics include ghosts, demons, fairies, mystical concepts, and paganism. Canfield grew up in an old haunted house in historic Southern Maryland, where she encountered ghosts and elementals on a regular basis. Her ghostly experiences have fueled her passion for seeking the supernatural and finding answers to some of life’s plaguing questions. She has assisted hundreds of people in eradicating unwanted spirits, as well as in their spiritual pursuits. Believing the paranormal and mystical realms are one-in-the-same, Canfield writes of both openly to encourage others. Canfield is a Registered Nurse, a certified Reiki Level 2 practitioner, and an author of fantasy novels. Her recent fictional works include The Dream Canvas and The Cotton Family Series available on Amazon

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