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Ancestral Priestess.
Mentor. Healer. Witch.

From a place of compassion, grounding, insight, and honesty, I provide a sacred space for those who are going through various kinds of transition in life. A bridge between worlds, I reconnect the living with their ancestral roots through sessions, ceremonies, readings, and mentorship. 

My mission is to uplift and empower you to move in the direction of your soul's purpose by teaching, guiding, and supporting you through the blockages that are encountered during your unique transformation process.


With 29 years of practices under my belt, I have learned through many healing methods, ceremonial oaths, and rites of passage. As a medium and a generational witch, I have worked hand in hand with the spirit world since I was a child. As an adult, I use all of these blessed experiences to assist you in building, embracing, and nurturing your own spiritual traditions and innate gifts.  

By the spiritual council fire, our ancestors wait for us. Let us make ceremony to heal ourselves and the world. 
Let us face our shadows, look them in the eyes, and dare to listen to what they're telling us. Let us come to the fire as strangers, and leave remembering that we are all family.

Are you extra pleased with my service?
I'm thrilled to hear that!
Thank you for working with me!
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