What The Flux Podcast is a pagan podcast hosted by myself (Cris Ashburn) and Joey Morris of Starry Eyed Supplies. Each month we, as 'co-ghosts', ask our listeners to question something new and look beyond the limitations they may have previously accepted. With help from the ghosties, we provide thoughtful conversations, hauntingly funny jokes, and fluxed-up spells just for you. The bulk of this happens within an exclusive facebook group, created just for our fellow Fluxlings!

The first Full Moon of every month features a public ritual with Cris & Joey. There is also Live Podcast on Facebook that introduces the monthly topic, where we discuss our thoughts and feelings around the subject. This live podcast will then be added to YouTube and our podcast channel on SoundCloud ata later date. The New Moon features a Live Ritual for the public as well as a deeper ritual for all of our Fluxlings.

monthly membership
grants additional access to: 

These phases often include:
+ Access to Exclusive Rituals
+ Weekly Flux Energy Readings
(via a private live show!)
+ Exclusive Live Gatherings 
(sometimes with a special guest!) 
and our favorite:
+ A Custom-Created Ritual Journey!

Each meditative journey is related to the month's theme and different from the one before it; you could end up anywhere and everywhere in The Flux. The Challenge is generally a spellwork task that bring things out of 'thought' and into 'action'. There are follow up posts in the group afterwards, where we can share and discuss our findings. Live gatherings offer both webcam/voice and text interaction as options for our members, giving varying degrees of connection and allowing for full comfort.

Facebook Is Required for Membership

All of this is done within the exclusive Facebook group that our members have access to. Fluxling Castle is a group where seeking, support, and silliness reigns supreme. There are also occasional chances to win goodie bags, private rituals (live and prerecorded), and topic-related content (such as images, playlists, reading lists, etc) from Cris and Joey.

There's even a chance to win a one-on-two conduit session with the two of us
(the draw for this happens after six months of steady subscription)!

Membership Subscription: $30.00 USD

You will be automatically billed once a month on the same numerical day of the original purchase. 

Once you make your purchase
Join the Exclusive Facebook Group
All membership features will be distributed through the group. When you put in your request to join be sure to give the name you used via your paypal. We cross check everyone for accuracy. Our members privacy is very important to us.

We value the privacy of our members. Since some of these topics can be very diificult and exposing, we do not allow gifted subscriptions. Thank you for understanding.


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