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"I am my sister's keeper.
My mother's keeper.
Keeper of the Earth.
Keeper of souls.
Keeper, Guardian, Healer, Advisor.
The world lies within myself
and my ancestors,
And so too does your world.
We are all of The Great Womb."

- Cris Ashburn, Channeled 2011 -

Several years ago my father, very suddenly, passed from cancer. To watch someone you love die, to stand at the threshold as they pass, is a very painful, powerful thing. Death changes many a person.

As a result of my grief, I sought to find a way to transmute the pain into healing for not only myself, but others as well. In the depths of despair, I had several dream visitations. By trusting in the universe to guide my path, I embraced my calling and became a Certified Death Midwife: a holistic, non-medical companion and guide to those who are terminally ill. 

But, that wasn't enough! I didn't want to speak on 'death' in only the literal sense; I wanted to speak on life, spirituality, transition, and the many small deaths that happen to us every single day; deaths like ended friendships, broken hearts, loss of spirituality, moving to a new state, and many other situations that are difficult at best. In my experience, I found that the topic of death in conversation had become taboo, desanitized by mainstream society and shrouded in fear.

It does not have to be this way.

Death is a constant within life. The marrow within the bone that reminds us to live fully, speak truly, and honor the connection to all things.

So, I took the life lessons, the emotions, the bones, and the passion... and alchemized them into this business. 

"Let me be your bridge,

your torchbearer through the crossroads of life;

I can not walk these paths for you,

but I can guarantee that you will not be alone. ​

As I have learned in my life, one thing is for sure: 

We are never alone. "

- Cris Ashburn -

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