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About Cris Ashburn

"I am my sister's keeper.
My mother's keeper.
Keeper of the Earth.
Keeper of souls.
Keeper, Guardian, Healer, Advisor.
The world lies within myself
and my ancestors,
And so too does your world.
We are all of The Great Womb."

- Cris Ashburn, Channeled 2011 -


My name is Cris Ashburn, and I'm not great at writing an About Me page.

What I am great at is creating safe space for people in transitional phases of life and bringing about connection where something or someone was previously considered lost or cut-off. I deepen the relationship people have with their ancestors, their spiritual path, and their purpose. I've been called a 'catalyst of change' before, and I take that as a cherished compliment. 

Let's be real, I would be doing this with or without the business I have built around it. This work is such an innate part of me that I essentially breathe it. Ever since I was a child people have told me of their soul stories, their hopes and dreams, and the confusion and pain they carried. I often got into trouble at my old retail job for bearing witness to these stories. But, I wouldn't stop. 

You see, I am most at home within these shifting moments, as I see them as points of powerful potential. I believe these moments are around us at all times. Sharing our experiences with each other is good medicine. It allows us to grow and expand. I would offer the strangers, coworkers, customers, etc. a space to be fully seen, held, and heard. I'd grant guidance, if asked. I'd hear the voices of their long-dead grandmothers as I spoke to them, fawning over them with pride. They had no idea. So, I told them.

I've seen, heard, and felt spirit since I was in the crib. My imaginary friend was anything but imaginary. And my mother, a spiritual practitioner of three generations before her, embraced this side of me. She nurtured my own stories with safe space, a pragmatic question, and a knowing smirk. For this reason I feel that everyone deserves the same- the space to grow at their own pace, practical points for application, and knowledgeable, loving support.


When my father passed away from Cancer several years ago I was heavily stricken with grief. In search of a way to understand and assist myself and others, I became a Certified Death Midwife. Death and the cycles of life had always felt like a friend to me, so this was a natural progression. As a Death Midwife I would bear witness and provide knowledge and companionship to the dying, as well as to their families. 

While Death Midwifery is no longer a service I provide, it has expanded my ability to facilitate change and assist others going through the different stages of transition and makes me a particularly safe space for those who feel their pain is 'too much' to share with someone else.

I currently spend my days in session with clients, creating content for Patreon, Tiktok, and YouTube, connecting via the Hagal Woods Discord, holding group rituals (check the Events section), listening to music, singing, or curling up underneath a bunch of cozy blankets to watch 'Forged In Fire' with the husband. Nature walks are a also must and always feed my soul. 

Whether you are just starting your journey or have been on it for years, welcome to this page. Thank you for your interest in who I am and what I do. I wish you and your loved ones a happy, healthy year!

Love your face.
- Cris Ashburn -



The following is a timeline of my qualifications, listed newest to oldest.

  • Priestess of Luxunis™ Temple from 2020-2021
    I was a priestess within the 
    Luxunis™ Temple  where I served the Luxunis Sisterhood and High Priestess Shakti as a teacher, facilitator, web-master, and writer of the 'Sacred Space' column within the Temple's monthly newsletter. 

  • Certified Luxunis™ Method Level 2 Practitioner since 2020
    The Luxunis Method is unlike any other. It is an energetic healing modality and activational frequency that assists in the progression of your soul's natural evolution. As a Practitioner, I am trained to open the Divine One Energy portal and deliver these powerful attunements to others.


  • Certified Death Midwife since 2016
    I have been certified by the intelligent and intuitive Rev. Angie Buchanan of 
    The Death Midwife. Death Midwives bear witness and provide knowledge and companionship to the dying, as well as to their families. We are trained on things like grief and mourning, handling postmortem care, and educated on various end-of-life options for funerals, body disposition, etc. You can find more information on the practice Death Midwifery here

  • Ancestral Priestess since 2014
    At age 30 I was Priestessed by my strong and radiant mother,
    Rev. C.K. Ashburn. I took an oath to take up the mantle of acting Priestess within the family and speak for the Ancestral Mothers. We call this role 'Crow Woman',  as she stands between worlds and works from within a space of transition. Rev C.K. Ashburn is the founder of Rhythms of the Heart and has been a deep-rooted facilitator, healer, and wise woman to the spiritual community for decades. I am greatly blessed and beyond proud to be her daughter. 

  • Studied under a British Hereditary Traditional coven in 2013
    By age 29, I had completed a year and a day under an Ohio-based B.H.T. coven.


  • Ordained Minister since 2011
    At age 27 I was ordained via the
    Universal Life Church and began to offer home/land blessings & cleansings to the public.

  • Spiritual Life Coach since 2011
    At age 27 I successfully completed the Spiritual Coaching course at
    Coach Training Alliance and starting offering coaching sessions professionally.

  • Co-Founder of the Sisters of the Sacred Rites in 1999
    At age 15 I was a founding member of the S.S.R., a sisterhood who provided ceremonies for other women. IE: Naming & Dedication, Puberty, Croning, Land Blessings, House Blessings, and Commitment Ceremonies. More Information can be found here: Sister of the Sacred Rites.


  • Tarot Reader since 1998
    By age 14 I learned how to read Tarot and Oracle cards. I have been professionally reading since 2006. 


  • Energy Worker since 1997
    By age 13 I was attending various workshops and courses on energetic healing systems with my mother. These workshops/courses included but were not limited to 
    Donna Eden's Energy Medicine, Reiki II, & Quantum Touch

  • Practicing Hereditary Pagan since 1995
    I was raised in a multi-religious household by a Pagan mother and Southern Baptist father. Magickal practice goes back over four generations on my mother's side. So, I started training young, under the guidance of family and the Spirit World. By the age of 8 (1992) I began to take part in many family-based and public ceremonies. I officially dedicated myself to the Pagan path at age 11 (1995). 


  • Psychic Medium & Ancestral Worker since 1984
    I have interacted with the Spirit World since I was in a crib. I began working with them via Dream Work, Claircognizance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, and Channeling. I grew up playing dolls with Spirit, and giving bedroom fashion shows for the ancestors. I confided in them. I celebrated with them. They were, and are, such an integral part of not only my practice, but my entire life. As I breathe, so do they. As I speak, so do they. As I heal, so do they. And as I change, so do they. So this qualification was very difficult to put a timestamp on. I truly know no other way to be. 


  • Additional Extensive Experience in the following areas:
    Because I love to learn, I have explored and re-explored many topics over the years. Dream Interpretation, Astrology, Empathic Abilities, Shamanic Journeying, Space Clearings, Meditation, Spiritual Pathworking, Aromatherapy to name a few.

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