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If you've been wanting to work with your ancestors but are unsure where to start... I've built this package for you!



  • Those who long for a sense of home and belonging.
  • Those who wish to know or to see their loved ones again.
  • Those who wish to feel empowered and supported by their roots.
  • Those who want to incorporate the ancestors into their spiritual practice.
  • Those who are seeking to heal familial wounds, bridge ancestral gaps, create ripples of change, and carry the primodial torch forward for another generation.


This in depth, multimedia electronic course outlines the who, why, where, when, and how of  ancestral work. We discuss altars, practice, and protection. There are magickal spells, crafts, and even an offering recipe from my family. The Ancestor Work 101 package covers everything from meeting your ancestors, to building an altar, to working with them daily. It discusses why we may want to work with them and what sort of things there are to be gained from such a practice. 

UPDATE: As of November 2020 this course has been given an update. It now includes bonus media and content, such as the one hour video workshop that's listed below. The ancestral healing and spirit vessel sections have also been expanded. The custom-created meditation to meet your ancestors has also been updated and is now provided in audio, video, and written form to bring ease of use to a broader audience!


  • A live video replay of the Ancestor Work 101 Workshop in Nov 2020, which includes new bonus content and questions. This also includes a video version of the Ancestral Meditation. 
    Video Length: One Hour
  • A PDF that includes a written version of the Ancestral Meditation, an Ancestral Incense Formula, a Scrying Orb craft, a Spirit Orb craft, and my family's Offering Recipe.
    PDF Word Count: 11,338 (44 Pages)
  • A streamable and downloadable audio-only version of the Ancestral Meditation.
    Audio Length: 12 minutes 30 seconds
  • Content List with instructions and links to help you nagivate the Ancestral Work 101 Package.
    This is important! It includes all links to the PDF, Workshop, and Audio Meditation.

Once purchase is complete an email will be sent to your inbox to download a PDF. This PDF will be named "Contact List - Ancestral Work 101 Package". Once downloaded, open the PDF and follow the instructions. All purchased content can be found on the "Contact List - Ancestral Work 101 Package" PDF .

Ancestor Work 101 Course Package

  • There will be a file that you download on purchase.
    Please open the file!

    This file will contain all links to the  'Ancestral Work 101 Package'  content!

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