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Do you know the promodial strength of your own howl?
Created via my Patreon, the Fenrir: Truth in Chains video and ritual course provides a raw look at boundaries, instinct, and the concept of freedom through the eyes of the great wolf of Norse mthyology, Fenrir. This course walks you through the primal process of unraveling the chains that bind your throat, building up to a customized ritual designed from the work you've done, and ending with a prompting wrap up. This course is roughly an hour and a half long in videos and includes a bonus pdf to prepare your mind for one of the most powerful rituals I've ever shared.

  • Lesson One | Etymology, Personal Link, & Prompts
    Length: 16 minutes 8 seconds
  • Lesson Two | Freedom
    Length: 27 minutes 8 seconds
  • Lesson Three | Shadow
    Fenrir Pre-ritual.pdf included
    Length: 23 minutes 43 seconds
  • Lesson Four | Ritual to Reclaim Voice
    Length: 24 minutes 49 seconds
  • Lesson Five | The Wrap Up
    Length: 13 minutes 18 seconds

Fenrir: Truth in Chains Video & Ritual Course

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