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Within the folds of this meditative journey, is a Hel-Scape born of love, of life, of death, and solidarity. Connect to the energies of the Nordic Goddess Hel, through the gate of my throat, my voice, and hear Her through the prism of your own Self. 

I give not answers, merely hold this space, arms open wide, to enfold in Her embrace. The journey and the wisdom it holds is for you, and you alone, to experience.

This mediative audio track was created using channelled language (known as  'Hel Speak') and a ceremonial drum. The ritual song was designed to be played alone or on repeat, if desired.  The file is 8 minutes and 34 seconds long.

In numerology 8 + 3 + 4 = 15 and 15 breaks down into 1 + 5 = 6, lending the power of six to this creation. Six is considered a divine feminine number. It brings forth properties of balance, protection, sacrifice, compassion, trust, healing, and counsel. 

Gateway To Hel: Channeled Meditation

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