Nine Wombs: Audio Journeys to the Dark Goddess


Nine Wombs: Journeys to the Dark Goddess is a series of 9 fully guided meditations to help you journey to the Dark Goddess.

Each of these journeys were co-created with myself and Joey Morris, taking around 9 hours to create each journey, in order to take you through the Nine Wombs or Gateways to the Dark Goddess.

Each journey has a theme, a reason of being, an essence, and a destination.


- Otherworld Roots

- The Celestial Blanket

- The Mirror Mask

- The Holy Dance

- Learn To See And Sea Again

- Sisterhood In Her Service

- Time Warp

- Cracks, Wrinkles, & Crones

- Black Waters


These journeys were originally created for the What The Flux Podcast around a particular theme such as Healing, Grieving, Rebirth and so on.

On purchase you will have access to all of the links of these 9 Full Journeys to Goddess, which you can stream and play on repeat if needed.

May these journeys inspire you, heal you, rebirth you, and leave you transformed.


As my Grandmother's told me in the Ancestor's Cave years ago:
You are seen, your are heard, you are held, and you are loved.

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