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Mother Death sings to you across the void;
Of birth and life, of death and transition...
The gateways are all open to seekers of spiritual growth...
Let Hel Speak be the wind within your breath as you embrace Change.

This is a three part bundle for those who seek to cross a threshold in their life.


'The Death Song'
The Death Song speaks to the seeker standing on the shoreline, as the wild Nordic waves drink deep of her sorrow, as the fierce northern winds catch her breath, and the crows call out, bearing witness to her pain.

  • This is an 11 minute and 45 second channeled song, achieved with layered vocals.

'The Birth Song'
The Birth Song speaks to the alchemy of creation, as pain and intensity bear into rising flame. The voice of the crying child transmutes into the calling of the primal rhythm, the dance of a thousand blood ties rushing forth into being.

  • An 11 minute and 45 second channeled song, achieved with layered vocals.

'Ritual Inspiration'
Go deeper into the energies that emerge from the songs; speak to the nature of the journeys with key themes and elements of ritual to engage with. Create your individual experience with tools of personal empowerment. Each ritual calls on the spirits of all sentient energies within creation, and is laid out in an easy to understand but open to personal customization format.

  • A comprehensive list of five ceremonial activities, each given with a Death and Birth aspect.

Threshold Bundle: Songs of Hel Speak

  • All files are located in the single PDF that is sent via email to your inbox to download on purchase. Please open it and read through. At the top of the PDF will be two links, each one linking to the two songs (which are MP3 format). The ceremonial activities list will follow after that.

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