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Where the Ancestor Work 101 introduced the terminology and thought process around ancestral magic, the Ancestor Work 102 focuses more on the physical points of connection and the tools and methods that we use daily as magical practitioners. It gives a hands-on approach to the idea of ancestral healing by asking you to consciously identify your roots within the everyday touchstones of things like divination, plants, and animals.

Prerequisite: I highly reccomend purchasing the Ancestor Work 101 course before working through this one. The 102 course will assume you've already compeleted the previous lessons  from the 101 and build off of those. For full context on my meanings, you'll want to work through the 101 first. 


  • A PDF listing the 11 course lessons with time lengths and introductions for each lesson.
  • Five hours of video content which includes explanations and physical demonstrations.
  • Written instructions on how to create an ancestral working candle and a list of what you'll need.
  • A custom ritual opening and closing for your ancestral working space.


  • Lesson One: The Ultimate Altar
  • Lesson Two: Ancestral Working Candles
  • Lesson Three: Pyromancy & Energy Work
  • Lesson Four: Dedicated Divination Decks
  • Lesson Five: Integrating Deck & Flame
  • Lesson Six: The Usage of Bone
  • Lesson Seven: The Usage of Dirt
  • Lesson Eight: The Usage of Herbs
  • Lesson Nine: Ancestor Roles Within Practice
  • Lesson Ten: Ancestral Lands
  • Lesson Eleven: Shadow Work & Wrap Up

Ancestor Work 102 Video Course

  • On purchase you will be emailed with a link. Please download the PDF to access your course.

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